The best travel apps: Expert Booking

Updated over 1 year ago

Show your “good flight deal” to a travel hacker, a person that lives and breathes all the little tips and tricks for absurdly low flight prices, and they’ll probably laugh in your face Cersei Lannister style. You call that a good deal? Hahaha *kills everyone*

Instead of feeling ashamed or in fear of your life, hire them instead with these “human powered” flight booking services that can save you a lot of time and money. The best thing about them is they’re low risk: you only pay if they're able to beat the best price you’ve found.

  • More worthwhile for expensive ($400+) flights
  • Always use the "beat my price" option by doing some competent searching on your own first
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Best consumer focused option

Flystein employs a team of travel experts that'll use their in depth knowledge of airline revenue management practices like fuel dumping and loopholes to help find you the lowest price possible. Always choose their "Beat my price now" option, otherwise you're likely leaving money on the table.


Great for personal but also business travel

While Flightfox is similar to Flystein, they also have a big focus on the more complex needs of business travelers. For personal travel, there's no need to select a special "beat my price" option as that's the standard way they take trip requests which is nice.

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