The best travel apps: Seat Help

Updated 1 year ago

Not all seats are created equal. They go from having constant wafts of people's buttholes when next to the bathroom 💩💨 to ones coveted by frequent travelers that provide the best leg space and in flight amenities. Preeeetty sure most people want the latter, which these services help ensure.

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Helpful seat maps and reviews

SeatGuru shows you a flight's seat map with reviews for specific seats and general indications of which ones are good or bad. It's a quick and easy way to help you find the best seat (or to at least avoid a bad one).


Get the exact seat you want

ExpertFlyer is like SeatGuru but on steroids: it overlays SeatGuru's ratings on top of the real-time airline seat data so you can see whether the good seats for a specific flight are still available. You can even set alerts for on your phone for when these seats become available.

For basic alerts it's free, but for advanced features it does cost money. For frequent travelers, we can see it being worth it.

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