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Checklists & Tips

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7 to 10 digits. Phone numbers are that long because it's the longest combination most people can reliably remember. Better than goldfish, but certainly far from robots. Now think of how many things you need to remember when you travel: it’s a lot more than just a phone number. Enter the checklist.

We believe a good checklist makes our lives easier and frees up brain cells to focus on more important things, like the sunset in front of you or a delicious local dish. Plus, people’s travel checklists rarely change. We all have similar needs and combining them helps pull together the best travel hacks and tips too so you can get the most out of your adventures.

Our General Checklists & Tips Rubric
  1. Importance

    Is it mandatory? Minor? Commonly forgotten?

  2. Timing

    When does it need to happen?

  3. Time

    How much time would it save?

  4. Stress

    How much stress and energy would it save?

  5. Tips

    Are there specific tips that help?

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