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The best travel products to bring on your trip.

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Buy less, but better. Buying one 💯 shirt instead of three 😐 ones. You'll often pay a premium to live this way, but long term it’s worth it. Higher quality means you buy, own, and waste less. Better design means a more delightful experience that works in more scenarios. This helps simplify our lives, which is even more important when traveling. There’s a reason “bring less” is an oft repeated travel tip. Turns out lugging around a lot of stuff kind of sucks #whoknew.

We also love products that travel well because it means they work well at home too, whereas the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

Our General Gear & Products Rubric
  1. Quality

    Will the quality hold up to the rigors of travel?

  2. Packability

    Is it small and lightweight for easy packing?

  3. Design

    Is it well designed? Multifunctional? A joy to use?

  4. Price

    Is it expensive or worth the price?

  5. Style

    Does it look good and not scream tourist?

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