The best Packing Accessories for travel

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Would you use a closet with no shelves? A dresser with no cabinets? Without packing cubes and other similar accessories, that's basically what you're doing. It kind of works... but it's not very efficient 🤷‍♀️. After using these, it's not uncommon to meet travelers who become almost religious in their praise, especially packing cubes. You've been warned.

What we look for

High quality fabric combined with sturdy components like zippers so you can really pack in items without worrying about breakage.

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eBags Packing Cubes

Best general packing cubes

You can't go wrong with these packing cubes from eBags: they're made with a super durable nylon and premium YKK zippers, have reinforced seams, and come with a lifetime warranty. Admittedly there isn't a ton of variance among higher quality packing cubes, but these are just slightly better.

If shaving off any weight is important, eBags offers an Ultralight version. You'll save a few ounces per cube, but note the sizes they come in are different from typical cubes. They're meant to combine like legos with each size being half of the bigger size, which might be more appealing to some.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes

Best compression packing cubes

Have you experienced packing cube nirvana and still wondered if there could be more? Enter compression packing cubes, you green grass seeking heathen. These packing cubes keep your clothes compressed using a dual zipper system, helping you fit a lot more into a small space. In exchange for the extra compression, you do lose some accessibility: there's only a zipper only on one side and the fabric isn't transparent like the typical cube mesh.

If you have super bulky items like thick sweaters, consider Eagle Creek's Compression Sacs. The shape isn't as packing friendly as cubes, but they're better at reducing bulk.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac

Best shoe bag for separating dirty shoes

Keep dirty shoes from contaminating your clean clothes with this Eagle Creek shoe bag. It's made of a durable, leak proof mesh that's easy to see through and comes with a handle for hanging or attaching to others bags using a carabiner. It's certainly an upgrade from using grocery store plastic bags (which we've all done at some point).

Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Garment Folder

Best garment folder to keep away wrinkles

If you have shirts and pants you'd prefer to keep wrinkle free (like for business travel), a garment folder is a must. These from Eagle Creek are lightweight, durable, and come with a folding board to ensure clothes are folded to fit perfectly inside. They technically don't compress but people often find they can pack more by virtue of these helping stack clothes more efficiently and why many love them not just for the wrinkle free benefits.

Grid-It Organizer

Best organizer for gadgets and small extras

If you have a lot of gadgets, cables, and other little extras then the Grid-It system will make your life much easier. Instead of having to dig through an unorganized jumble in your bag you just pull out the Grid-It and go. It's better than other device organizers because it provides endless ways to organize according to your exact combo of items vs. others often have arbitrary pockets that might not fit what you're packing. Furthermore, they use a durable rubberized fabric to ensure your things stay in place.

They come in a bunch of sizes, like this slightly smaller version.

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