The best Protect Your Bag for travel

Updated 1 year ago

Schlepping around a backpack or handbag with your valuables around the world will eventually lead to inconvenient situations: caught in a storm, in a dirty or dusty place, or just at a crowded restaurant with nowhere to place your bag. Keep your peace of mind with these accessories.

Other Tips
  • Before hanging your bag off anything high, test it out first to ensure it's stable (our dented laptop is the reason we list this 😩)
  • Wear your backpack in the front if you're in an area known for pickpockets
  • Watch our for thieves slashing the bottom of a bag so all your valuables fall out
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Lulabop Heroclip

May your bag never touch the ground again

Don't mistake this for any ol' carabiner: the Heroclip is a carabiner on steroids. The attached 360 swivel on top means you can basically hang a bag off anything, like attaching a backpack to your luggage so you're not stressing out your back. Or maybe a bathroom door when you gotta go but there's no hook to put your bag leaving only the germ filled floor. Yes, we've used it many times for that actually.

It can also easily hang other objects like wireless speakers and lanterns. Made out of solid aluminum, you can tell when handling it that it'll last a long, long time.

  • 50 lb weight limit (so please don't use this like a real climbing carabiner)
  • 1 year warranty

Mountainsmith Backpack Cover

Shield your bag from the elements

Although this packable backpack cover is mainly meant for rain, it can be used in a lot of other places: preventing pocket access in crowded areas with pickpockets, on boats, or in dusty areas.

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