The best Sleep Better for travel

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Here are a few other key items to improve your sleep while on the go.

Other tips
  • Enable "night mode" on your iPhone or Android to ensure your body knows it's time to sleep
  • Avoid eating and especially alcohol on the plane before sleeping as it ruins your quality of sleep (even if you think it makes you fall asleep easier)
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Nidra Sleep Mask

Best sleep mask for blocking out light 👀

If you're serious about arriving feeling refreshed, sleep masks are a must. We've used the Nidra extensively on flights and think it's the best sleep mask for travel because of its deep eye cups that let your eyes freely move when you're in deep sleep (aka REM sleep). The material is also super soft against the skin and the nose area is contoured in a way to be more comfortable than other cheaper masks.

SoundBarren Ear Plugs

Best ear plugs for blocking out noise 👂

The drone of airplanes and other noise pollution can disturb even the deepest sleepers. Although there are disposable style ear plugs that can block out more noise, in practice they're not as easy to use (squishing them the proper way takes some practice) and we're not fans of perpetuating throw away culture.

We recommend these from SoundBarren because they're non-disposable, easily washed, easy to put in, and stay in better, making it a better choice for most travelers.

Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve Tablets

To help jumpstart your sleepiness 💤

If you have to resort to ingesting things (we aren't judging), the most effective solution that's easily bought over-the-counter is melatonin. It's what your body produces at night to tell you it's sleepy time 😴. To get help creating that signal, try these fast dissolve 3mg tablets. You can get higher dosages like 10mg but keep in mind your body naturally produces < 1g every night, so eating 10x more may not be the smartest idea.

If you travel enough though and actually need it, it's not unusual to ask a doctor for a prescription to real sleep medicine like Xanax. Just don't overdo it, k? 🤝

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