The best Travel Pillow for travel

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A worldwide cuddle buddy 🐻. Travel pillows can't remove 100% of your discomfort while on planes or busses, but they do help and are worth it even if they can only increase the amount of sleep you get by a little. The last thing you want is to feel like a hot mess on arrival.

What we look for
  • Inflatable or compresses down for easy packing
  • Enough support for your neck/head to reduce discomfort
  • Soft material that won't irritate your skin
  • Washable since the surfaces of planes/buses are dirty
  • An easy set up process so you can get straight to sleeping
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AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow

Best overall travel pillow

This option has the best balance of features among U shaped neck pillows: a large neck support area, inflatable, lightweight, easy to wash, and easy to set up.

  • Easy 60 second push button inflation, no need to blow into any valve
  • Soft velvet cover is easily removed for washing
  • Packs down easily into a carabiner carrying case
  • Raised arch neck supports your head and neck more than typical neck pillows

Cabeau Evolution

If you prefer memory foam

Memory foam pillows are much heavier and less packable than inflatable options, but for many people they're more comfortable. The Cabeau Evolution is a time tested option with a patented back shape that won't push your head forward compared to typical U shaped neck pillows.

  • Cover made of a comfortable velour that's easily removed for washing
  • Has a media pouch for your mobile device and adjustable toggles

AirComfy Multi-Purpose Travel Pillow

Best multipurpose travel pillow

This is a great option if you want a pillow for purposes in addition neck/head support like lumbar support or when laying down where a U shaped pillow won't work as well.

  • Self inflatable: Just twist the valve and it's ready to use in seconds
  • Inner foam material provides support even if there’s no air
  • Made of an easy to clean fabric that just wipes down
  • Elastic band for securely strapping the pillow to headrests

Trtl Pillow

If pillows don't work well for you

For people who can't get comfortable with typical neck pillows, the Trtl is worth a try. It technically isn't a pillow but more of a structured neck supporting scarf made for sleeping while seated. Instead of leaning on a window, you lean into the scarf.

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