The best Umbrella for travel

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An umbrella is an orchestra of over 200 components working together in unison. A wonder of engineering that deserves a better look at than the weak drug store umbrellas many buy and dispose of. We think they should be investment pieces that make any rainy day, especially while traveling, more tolerable. Just don't lose them 😉.

What we look for
  • Auto open and close so no need to futz around when it starts raining
  • Short when closed and lightweight so it fits easily in bags
  • Holds up well in moderate wind, a more common case than strong storm wind
  • A good warranty since we've all lost umbrellas
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Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

Best value umbrella

Considering its price, the Lewis N. Clark has a great balance of features. It's small enough at 11" closed and durable enough with 8 ribs to withstand most wind for most travelers. Best of all though it's light lightweight at 10 oz, which is 2 oz less than most other travel sized umbrellas with auto open/close. It's not the smallest nor the more durable but for the price it's a good value.

  • 11" closed
  • 10 oz (0.63 lbs)
  • 1 year warranty

Euroschirm Dainty Automatic

Most travel friendly umbrella

Euroschirm is known for quality lightweight umbrellas, especially for treking. Their Dainty Automatic is our favorite for travelers due to its packability: it closes down to a really small 8.5" long (most are 10"+), folds into a flat shape for easier packing, and is only 11.8 oz. You'd be hard pressed to find anything this small and lightweight with auto open/close that's still good quality.

Its "daintiness" means it won't stand up to strong sustained storm winds but it'll work just fine for general rainy days. It also comes with neat details like reflective elements and blunt tips.

  • 8.5" closed
  • 11.8 oz (0.74 lbs)
  • 2 year warranty

Blunt XS Metro

Best for withstanding strong winds

If you're traveling somewhere with stronger winds, the Blunt XS Metro is your best bet. It's the most durable and is still lightweight at 12 oz. However, it's not as packable compared to other travel umbrellas at 14" when closed compared to a more typical 11". The blunt tips are a nice touch, and Blunt understands sh*t happens so they've included a pocket for a Tile in case you lose it along with a 5 year global warranty which is always a plus.

  • 14" closed
  • 12.3 oz (0.77 lbs)
  • 5 year global warranty

Davek Traveler

A luxurious yet practical travel umbrella

Applying the idea of luxury to a utilitarian product like an umbrella might sound odd at first, but Davek shows that umbrellas are worthy of the attention and can be brought into the "buy less, but better" category. For a travel umbrella, it hits all the right notes: its a short 9" when closed, 12 oz, and stands up to wind fairly well with its steel shaft and 7 ribs. Its the small details like the leather handle and strap, attached clip, and an unheard of (for umbrellas) unconditional lifetime guarantee that make this worth checking out for those with the money.

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