The best Weekender for travel

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Weekenders give literal meaning to "living for the weekend." They're essentially nicer duffel bags meant to hold enough clothing and personal items for a weekend trip. I'm sure weekdays will be requesting their own type of bag any day now, as long as it's not on the weekend.

What we look for

Quality materials and components, at least a few internal pockets, and good looks.

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Everlane Twill Weekender

Well crafted with elegant looks

Everlane's Twill Weekender is as classic as it comes for weekenders. The twill fabric makes it durable and its classic colors turn anyone into a stylish traveler. It lacks a longer shoulder strap, but for most people the two handles should be enough. You've also got to love Everlane's transparency into their manufacturing process and costs.

  • The same design is meant for both women and men, although the men's has a few more colors
  • For a bit more durability, see the $115 dipped version
  • Prefer something more affordable or with a shoulder strap? See their $78 Nylon Weekender (note: nylon is a less luxurious fabric, hence the lower price)
  • For a more luxe version with a similar look, an added shoulder strap, and similar transparency into their factories and costs, check out the Oliver Cabbell Kennedy Weekender

Lo & Sons Weekenders

If you want more organization features

Lo & Sons offers a few different weekenders that all share two signature features to make traveling a breeze: a bottom zipper pocket to separate shoes/clothes and a back sleeve that slides over luggage handles for easier transportation. There's three sizes for women and one for men. They're all made from high quality materials, although the men's uses sturdier fabric hence the higher price.

J.Crew Abingdon Weekender

If you prefer a vintage heritage look

J.Crew's Abington was an instant hit among the vintage Americana loving crowd when it came out a few years ago and understandably so: it's handsome, well made, and reasonably priced considering its quality compared to competitors. Made of a tough waxed canvas and a bit bigger than most weekenders, it'll be a sturdy trip companion for years.

Tip: J.Crew often has sales, so if you're patient you can easily get this bag for < $200.

Want even higher quality from a true heritage brand? See Filson's medium duffel.

Troubadour Goods Weekender

For a truly luxe leather weekender

Troubadour is an artisan direct-to-consumer leather goods company, and boy are their products awe inspiring. They combine the highest quality materials like vegetable-tanned Italian leather that'll patina beautifully over time with craftsmanship going back multiple generations in a modern, architect driven look. It's a wonderful marriage of old and new that's admittedly expensive but comes with quality of this caliber.

Like the look but want something more affordable? Troubadour offers a $999 Fabric + Leather Weekender that combines leather with other fabrics in the same style. If you prefer all leather, check out Frank & Oak's more classically styled $425 leather weekender.

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