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There's an app for that. Today that’s probably true, but among the millions of apps you’ll find there’s a lot of junk. Who actually wants to dig through it all to find the perfect one? Plus, our phones and computers are already a huge source of distr- they tweeted what?? Woops. Oh yeah, they’re a huge source of distractions. Let us look for you instead.

Think of us as app sommeliers: we love and appreciate great apps. They can enrich our lives with new experiences and give us superpowers at the push of a button. Imagine how hard it was 20 years ago to talk to someone in another language, find a local to tour you around, or even take a good picture. It’s a much more convenient world, and we’ll help you get the most out of it.

Our General Apps & Services Rubric
  1. Design

    Is it a well designed and easy to use?

  2. Features

    Is it feature rich? Does it work work well? Does it work offline?

  3. Coverage

    Across how much of the world does it work?

  4. Price

    Free is nice, but if it costs money is it worth it?

  5. Platforms

    Does it work across many platforms, especially mobile?

  6. Longevity

    Is it popular enough it’ll be continually updated?

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