The best travel apps: Flight Deal Alerts

Updated over 1 year ago

If you plan ahead, setting up alerts for flight deals can save you a lot of moolah. Money you could use on unicorn fraps instead 🌈. Yeah, services like Kayak and Skyscanner do alerts too but these deal specific services go one step further for more savings.

  • Google Flights' tracking feature is an easy way to monitor prices yourself: it graphs out the price's history so it's easy to see any patterns and emails you when prices change
  • If you find a good deal like ones from curated services, decide fast because they're usually fleeting
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Best for destination specific airfare alerts

Airfarewatchdog lets you set flight alerts from city-to-city, from a departure city, or to a destination city. However, you can't set specific dates so it's the best for people who are flexible and just want to be in the know on destination specific deals. Deals are less 🤖 and more 👫: they're verified by actual analysts instead of being based purely on data since flight prices are ultimately still an inexact science.


For knowing the best time to buy

Know where and when you want to go but aren't sure when's the best time to buy? Hopper will tell you. They use a data centric approach that analyses billions of flight prices daily to predict the best time. Hopper is also smartphone only, no email alerts. They think mobile push notifications help people act faster to lock down deals, which makes sense. It's a more modern approach to airfare deals and the apps themselves are a joy to use.

The Flight Deal

Great curated deals from the US

Although The Flight Deal's website seems spammy (to the point where you might question it's authenticity 🤔), the deals they find are among the best with detailed breakdowns on how to book. They're mainly for flights from bigger cities in the US and are short lived so it's important to jump on them fast.

Scott's Cheap Flights

Great curated deals from a variety of locations with a premium twist

Set the city you want to depart from and this service will email you great international flight deals. The catch is there's two levels: free and premium ($5/month). Premium provides more deals and earlier notice, which can be crucial. As long as you're patient and flexible, there's money to be saved regardless of the tier.

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